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This is the Data Abstract Relativity Server Overview

What is Relativity

Relativity Server enables developers to deploy Data Abstract servers without actually creating and maintaining their own server application in code. It runs across all supported platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac Xcode).

In our experience, the majority of servers implemented by DataAbstract users contain (or potentially could contain) no custom code, but simply rely on the existing Data Abstract functionality and information defined in the schema(s) to serve data. Relativity Server allows developers to concentrate on creating their schemas and implementing the client application, without having to maintain a separate server application.

Relativity Server can be run as a standalone application on Windows and Mac, or as a Windows Service or Unix Daemon on Linux and Mac OS X, and it basically provides a fully-fledged middle-tier server for as many Domains and Schemas as you like. In other words, in many cases you will no longer need to write a custom middle tier server application (but of course you can still write your own servers, as always, if you need more flexibility than Relativity provides).

Relativity Server ships with all five editions of Data Abstract. Relativity Server is based on the .NET implementation of Data Abstract and thus brings the full feature set of .NET servers, including the use of DA SQL and all supported ADO.NET providers, to developers using any edition of Data Abstract.

When you start Relativity Server as standalone application, it looks like this:

Relativity Server

You can find more information here:

Product: RemObjects Data Abstract
Available Editions: Data Abstract for .NET, Xcode, Delphi, Java and JavaScript