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This is a Data Abstract Schema Modeler topic

The Commands Pane lists all Commands that are defined in your Schema.

A Command represents an action your application will want to execute on the database, like calling a stored procedure, Inserting/Updating/Deleting records or running any kind of custom query that performs, for example, data manipulations.

There are three ways to create a new Command for your schema:

  • Press the New Command button in the pane's toolbar and then fill in the details for your command by hand.
  • Drag a Stored Procedure from the Data Explorer to create a command that will call this stored procedure.
  • Drag a dataset from Data Tables Pane to the Command pane and select "Create Delta Commands for Data Table" to create three Insert/Update/Delete commands for the data table:

Commands Pane.PNG

After the Schema Modeler has created the new command or commands, you can then use the Command Details view to make manual adjustments to the new commands or modify their statements.

You will only need to create INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE commands if you then wish to modify them (i.e. treat them as the base for custom SQL you are going to write), since the BusinessProcessor can automatically generate default statements at runtime when updating data.

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